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Goal-crease violations

Only the goalkeeper or the acting goalkeeper (AGK) may legally play any ring that is on the goal crease line or entirely inside the goal crease. Alternately, neither the goalkeeper nor the AGK may move a ring into or onto the goal crease when it is entirely outside of the goal crease.

If either of these rules are broken, play is stopped and the ring is given to the non-offending team.


In the above image rings 1-5 may only be played by the goalkeeper. Rings 6 and 7 may be played by any player, but the goalkeeper may not bring the ring inside the crease.

Source: NOCP Rules Supplement & Ringette Canada Official Rules



The Eastman Ringette Association is very proud to acknowledge that our very own Danielle Hildebrand (Hobday) was recently inducted into the Ringette Canada Hall of Fame.  Danielle began playing in Eastman as a first year U19.  During her first year, Danielle was coached by Leon Morrisette who convinced her to give up her Angel affiliation and become a Flame.  Danielle participated in several National Championships where she selected to four National All Star teams. At age 16, Danielle began coaching AA with her father, Barry Hobday, and Mike Carrier and continued to coach AA for about 10 years and was part of the coaching staff that won Eastman’s only National Championship in 1997.  Danielle played for the Canada's National team for 9 years and was instrumental in winning Canada’s last world championship in 2002.  Canada won that championship 3-1 and Danille scored goals 2 and 3.  She was also selected to the 6 player all-star team as a forward.  More recently, Danielle was head coach of the Team Manitoba for the Canada Winter Games team that were hosted in Whitehorse in 2007.  Danielle is currently an assistant coach of the Canada's Junior National team. 


Beausejour Ringers Preseason Tournament

Beausejour Ringers Preseason Fun Ringette Tournament

Friday Oct 20- Sunday Oct 22/17 (games start Friday afternoon in Garson and Sungro, then just Sungro for the rest of the weekend.)

4 games guaranteed

U10 B/C --regular play 5 on 5  (was originally going to be 3 on 3 but we have decided that would be too challenging for these young players this early in the season).

U12 B/C and U14 B/C – 3 on 3 play


Deadline to register Oct 6/17

For more information or to register, contact Jamie Kowalchuk at jkowalchuk@highspeedcrow.ca


Eastman Ringette's new email address

Eastman Ringette has their own email address now!

Please email Eastmanringette@gmail.com for any Ringette inquiries.


Ringette - Alive and Well!!

Ever wonder what ringette is all about.....click on the link below and learn all about this great sport!  For further information on playing ringette in the Eastman Regios please contact Eastmanringette@gmail.com!




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