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When a goal is not a goal*

If the ring contacts or enters the goal crease while the shooter's stick is in the ring and the ring subsequently crosses the goal line - the goal is not counted; because a crease violation has occurred.







In the above examples - only 1, 4, 5 and 6 are LEGAL shots on goal.

* Other situations can cause a goal to be nullified. Please see the Ringette Canada Official Rules 10.3 A goal is nullified...

Source: NOCP Rules Supplement & Ringette Canada Official Rules


Regina Tournament 2020

Many Eastman teams enjoyed the hospitality of Regina in the 2020 Jim Benning Ringette Tournament.

U12A Springfield Storm, U14A Eastman Heat, U14 AA Eastman Flames, U16A Eastman Heat and U19 Steinbach Panthers.

Great Tournament & Competition! 
Happy New year, And Safe travels home everyone!


Rivals Unite! February 29th, 2020

Rivals Unite for a good cause.




The final competitive event sanctioned by Ringette Manitoba each year is the High School Ringette tournament (HSRT).  Thie 2019 HSRT was hosted by Bonivital Ringette Association (BVRA).  The 2019 HSRT was likely the largest event hosted in many years as 27 urban and rural high schools were represented.  This year Eastman dominated the tournament winning bronze (College Gabrielle Roy), silver (College Lorette), and gold (Springfield Collegiate).  Congratulations to all the players and coaches who worked hard and represented Eastman so well.

College Lorette (yellow) and Springfield Collegiate (white) after medal ceremony.




Once again it was another very good year for Eastman Ringette as it captured twelve (12) WRL medals and six (6) Proviicial medals.  Congratulations to the players and specials thanks to the coaches and volunteers for all their hard work.  The following is a summary of Eastman's performance.

WRL Playoffs

U10 A1 – Silver (Red River Rage)

U12A1- Bronze (Springfield)

U12 A2 – Gold (Beausejour), Silver (Grunthal)

U12A3 – Bronze (Steinbach)

U12A4 – Bronze (Red River Rage)

U14B – Gold (Steinbach), Silver (Royal Storm)

U16B – Gold (Steinbach)

U16C - Gold (Royal Rage)

U19B – Gold (Grunthal), Bronze (Royal Rage)



U14B – Gold (Royal Storm), Bronze (Steinbach)

U16A - Eastman Heat (Bronze)

U16B – Gold (Steinbach)

U16C – Gold (Royal Rage)

U19B – Gold (Grunthal), Silver (Royal Rage)


U19A – Gold (East End Wings – 8 Eastman players on team)



 October 2020 


Recent Notices

  • General notice: ICE FOR SALE?

    In search of ice Oct 13 or 14 evening...please text Marcee 204-230-9783 if you are selling
  • General notice: Call for Coaches U19AA


    U19AA Coach Needed!
    Eastman Flames
    Coaching costs, and mileage covered.
    Contact SGinter@artelfarms.com



  • General notice: Looking for a team

    My sister and I are currently looking for a team to play on this year! We are in our twenties and have been playing ringette for almost 20 years now. We are comfortable playing at all levels!
  • General notice: Goalie Wanted!!

    We are an Open 2/3 team looking for a goalie!
  • General notice: 4 players looking to join an open 3 team

    We are 4 girls wanting to play ringette this season. We are 19-20 yrs. we have all played for over 10 years and really hope to join a team.
    Please email 
  • General notice: Return to Play Ringette Manitoba


    From Ringette Manitoba Website:

    Ringette Manitoba is pleased to announce to its members that the Province of Manitoba has approved Phase 3 of the Return to Ringette (RTR) Plan – Version 1.  

    The approval of Phase 3 will allow sanctioned programs to safely resume, following the protocols set by Ringette Manitoba. This means that our Members will be able to resume on-ice, sanctioned activities as of September 1st, 2020 – subject to compliance with current health and safety standards in Manitoba and Ringette Manitoba’s Return to Ringette plan.

    Any associations wishing to begin prior to this date are required to submit a request in writing to Ringette Manitoba.

    Ringette Manitoba continues to work closely with Ringette Canada, Sport Manitoba, and the Province of Manitoba and we look forward to announcing the approval for Phase 4 of the RTR plan in the near future.

    Ringette Manitoba remains committed to providing resources and assistance to all our local associations as they begin to navigate their return to the ice. Members are encouraged to contact their Local Associations for registration information.

    The Return to Ringette Plan has five phases

    • Phase 1 (March 12th, 2020) – Suspensions of all Ringette Manitoba Activities & Events
    • Phase 2 (began June 1st, 2020) – online meetings, all in-person activities continue to be non-sanctioned, must maintain 6ft of distance between all participants
    • Phase 3 (approved August 19th, 2020 and will begin with sanctioned activity starting on September 1st, 2020) – on-ice skill development (no checking), drills, team tactics, online clinics, limited regional travel (no carpooling)
    • Phase 4 (subject to approval from the Province of Manitoba) – games (pods & squads), modified rules game play, limited travel (carpooling permitted)
    • Phase 5 (subject to approval from the Province of Manitoba) – regular season competition, Come Try Events, tournaments, provincial travel

    The Return to Ringette Plan was developed by Ringette Manitoba after consulting Sport Manitoba, Ringette Canada, other Manitoba Provincial Sport Organizations, the City of Winnipeg’s Arena Sport Working Group, and various health authorities and submitted to the Provincial Government. The Return to Ringette plan incorporates the current requirements outlined in Stages 1 – 4 of the Government of Manitoba’s Restoring Safe Services Plan, health and safety guidelines from Ringette Canada, and programming, registration and sanctioning for Ringette Manitoba.

    Part of our commitment includes an ongoing and regular review of our RTR protocols based on the latest recommended COVID-19 health precautions, which will help to enhance the positive ringette experience under the province’s health directives.

    To be proactive in the preparations to return, Ringette Manitoba and the Associations are engaged in collaborative planning. As each region and association has unique challenges, Ringette Manitoba will work with each Association to assist with their return plans within their facilities.

    Ringette Manitoba has striven to be a leader in developing a Return to Ringette Plan that seeks to get people participating in sport and recreation in the safest possible manner during this pandemic. We recognize that this is a frustrating and challenging time.  However, through patience, we look forward to returning to the ice for all of our members this season.

    The reopening of arenas in Manitoba begun as of June 1, 2020 as facilities were able to open along with Phase 2 of the Manitoba Restoring Safe Services plan.




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