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Delaying the call on four-in

The four-in call often leads to confusion on the ice. This is because the rules do not require that play be stopped when four-in occurs until the team with four-in gains control of the ring.

The procedure that On-ice Officials are to follow on a four-in situation is:

  1. If the team in control of the ring skates four-in, make the call immediately.
  2. Otherwise, raise a bent arm to signal a delayed violation.
  3. If the 4th player leaves the zone before their team gains control - begin a five second count.
  4. If the ring leaves the zone before the team gains control - no call will be made.
  5. If the team gains control in the zone within the five second count - make the call.
  6. If the team gains control while there are still four-in, a delayed penalty should be called.

Next time, before you start yelling four-in: check the signal being given by the On-ice Official nearest the freeplay line.


Ringette Canada Official Rules


Eastman Heat Try Out Information U14, U16, U19

Eastman Ringette will be hosting a U14 A Regional team this 2019-2020 season.

The team’s ice will be mostly in Lorette arena.

Assessment skates will be in Ile des Chenes Arena for the following dates.


Sept 14 – 5:00pm

Sept 15 – 5:00pm

Sept 21 – 5:00pm

Tryout format will be skills and game play.

Please confirm if you will be attending tryouts.
Contact: eastman_heat_ringette@outlook.com


Eastman U16 
will be hosted by Transcona for the 2019-2020 season out of East End Arena.

Tryouts will be at East End Arena for U16:

Sept 8 – 6:30pm Rink 2
Sept 9 – 7:45 pm Rink 1
Sept 15 – 6:30pm Rink 2
Sept 16 – 8:00pm Rink 2

Please confirm that you will still be attending tryouts no later than Aug 30th.


Eastman will host the U19A teamand will be amalgamated with Transcona.

Practice will be out of IDC (Iles Des Chennes) and East End Arena.

Tryouts dates will be sent out later this week and are planned to begin the week of Sept 8th.

If you can confirm by Aug 30th that you are interested in attending tryouts please confirm by Aug 30th.



The final competitive event sanctioned by Ringette Manitoba each year is the High School Ringette tournament (HSRT).  Thie 2019 HSRT was hosted by Bonivital Ringette Association (BVRA).  The 2019 HSRT was likely the largest event hosted in many years as 27 urban and rural high schools were represented.  This year Eastman dominated the tournament winning bronze (College Gabrielle Roy), silver (College Lorette), and gold (Springfield Collegiate).  Congratulations to all the players and coaches who worked hard and represented Eastman so well.

College Lorette (yellow) and Springfield Collegiate (white) after medal ceremony.




Once again it was another very good year for Eastman Ringette as it captured twelve (12) WRL medals and six (6) Proviicial medals.  Congratulations to the players and specials thanks to the coaches and volunteers for all their hard work.  The following is a summary of Eastman's performance.

WRL Playoffs

U10 A1 – Silver (Red River Rage)

U12A1- Bronze (Springfield)

U12 A2 – Gold (Beausejour), Silver (Grunthal)

U12A3 – Bronze (Steinbach)

U12A4 – Bronze (Red River Rage)

U14B – Gold (Steinbach), Silver (Royal Storm)

U16B – Gold (Steinbach)

U16C - Gold (Royal Rage)

U19B – Gold (Grunthal), Bronze (Royal Rage)



U14B – Gold (Royal Storm), Bronze (Steinbach)

U16A - Eastman Heat (Bronze)

U16B – Gold (Steinbach)

U16C – Gold (Royal Rage)

U19B – Gold (Grunthal), Silver (Royal Rage)


U19A – Gold (East End Wings – 8 Eastman players on team)



 January 2020 


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