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Beausejour Ringers


#DateStartArenaScore (H)Home TeamScore (V)Visiting TeamStatusDivision
ER3Sat, Oct 1310:45Beausejour SunGro5Beausejour Ringers6Red River Rage - WasilinchukScheduled Round RobinU12 B
ER8Sun, Oct 1415:15Grunthal8Grunthal Red Wings8Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12 B
127Sat, Oct 2712:00Beausejour SunGro2Beausejour Ringers4StingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
105Sat, Nov 312:00Stride Arena6Portage Thunder Hauser7Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
117Sun, Nov 413:00Eric Coy5Corydon Comets7Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
121Sat, Nov 1012:00Beausejour SunGro10Beausejour Ringers5BVRA BLAZE - DamanScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
109Sat, Nov 2411:00Southdale West1BVRA Blaze-Doucet8Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
ER22Sun, Nov 2515:45Garson4Beausejour Ringers9Grunthal Red WingsScheduled Round RobinU12 B
133Sat, Dec 110:45Beausejour SunGro3Beausejour Ringers10Grunthal Red WingsScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
ER30Sat, Dec 813:45Ste. Agathe4Red River Rage - Wasilinchuk11Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12 B
113Sun, Dec 913:00Starbuck3MacDonald Wildfire10Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
139Sat, Dec 1512:00Beausejour SunGro8Beausejour Ringers2BVRA Blaze - YallitsScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
2074Sat, Jan 512:00Selkirk Rec Complex3Stingers5Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
13Sat, Jan 1209:30Selkirk Rec ComplexStingersBeausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12B
22Sat, Jan 1217:00St. AndrewsBeausejour RingersPortage Thunder HauserScheduled Round RobinU12B
30Sun, Jan 1311:00Selkirk Rec ComplexBVRA BLAZE - DamanBeausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12B
2085Sat, Jan 1912:00Beausejour SunGro8Beausejour Ringers1Corydon CometsScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
2067Sat, Jan 2612:00Beausejour SunGro6Beausejour Ringers5Grunthal Red WingsScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
2082Sun, Jan 2715:15Grunthal4Grunthal Red Wings4Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
2070Sun, Feb 312:00C A Barbour6Corydon Comets12Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
2072Sat, Feb 910:45Beausejour SunGro7Beausejour Ringers5Red River Rage - WasilinchukScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
2063Sat, Feb 1612:00Beausejour SunGro8Beausejour Ringers6Portage Thunder HauserScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
2078Sun, Feb 1712:00Stride Arena6Portage Thunder Hauser11Beausejour RingersScheduled Round RobinU12 A2
U12 A2-3Sun, Feb 2411:50Keith BodleyBeausejour RingersWinner of game #U12 A2-1Scheduled Double KOU12 A2

U12 B

Beausejour Ringers is ranked #2 in the U12 B Division

 TeamWinsTiesLossesPointsGoals forGoals against# Games
#1Grunthal Red Wings310732194
#2Beausejour Ringers112328274
#3Red River Rage - Wasilinchuk103217314

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